Measuring the way media moves us.

Location Based

Our patent pending-technology measures the way network-enabled devices change locations after being exposed to a sequence of media exposures. This gives our clients bold new insights into how media impacts arrivals.


Measurability has revolutionized marketing for e-commerce. But which digital content--or sequence of media exposures--influence consumers to visit a physical location? Arrivalist technology gives the complete picture, not just the last click.


Arrivalist provides an up-to-date, observation-based alternative to traditional surveys. Clients observe their media exposure and the resulting visitation with hourly updates through a rich, intuitive reporting interface.

Location Analytics

Most customers don’t RSVP. Your online marketing plan has been inviting people to visit you for years. Isn't it about time you found out which messages-and which media outlets—are influencing people to show up? Arrivalist’s patent-pending technology anonymously measures change in the locations of network-enabled devices after a sequence of media exposures to tell marketers which messages influence customers to join their party.

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