New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival

Top Insights

  • Jazzfest attracted a broader geographic mix of visitors to New Orleans then seen on “normal” weekends and this had a trickle-down effect to other attractions like casino, retail restaurants.
  • Origin markets for arrivals to New Orleans and the top attractions were different for the weekends. Markets like Los Angeles, Washington DC and Miami were top ten origin markets for Jazzfest weekends, but didn’t even crack the top ten list of origin markets in previous weekends.
  • Jazzfest attendees – – 53% of which were tourist – – partied longer; shopped longer and stayed longer in New Orleans vs. tourists on the previous weekends, averaging a 2 day 10-hour stay.


The Foundation for Arrivals and Visitation Intelligence

  • Arrivalist’s proprietary technology was able to track
  •  Jazzfest arrivals and foot traffic—separating tourists and locals—who spent time at the Jazzfest Festival grounds.
  • The remainder of the analysis was done based on this foundation of festival attendees; where Arrivalist “saw” them during their entire visit to New Orleans.

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20 Popular Points of Interest Were Examined during Jazzfest:

  • Festival Grounds  Bourbon St.
  • Harrah’s  French Qtr.
  • Jackson Sq.  Hyatt
  • Canal Place Mall  Brennan’s Restaurant
  • Commander’s Palace  Loews Hotel
  • Cafe Du Monde  Intercontinental
  • Garden District  Arts District
  • Outlet @ Riverwalk  Mid City
  • Superdome  Convention Center
  • Central Business Dist.  Hilton

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Insights included but  were not limited to the volume of visitation, duration of stay in POI and in-market:

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Cross-visitation and foot traffic sequences showed direct correlation for Jazzfest attendees and other POIs

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Arrivalist saw much higher tourist attendance at Jazzfest than locals

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Arrivalist saw higher Jazzfest tourist composition vs. locals at POIs

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Arrivalist was able to provide actionable and precise visitation analysis re; Jazzfest with our always-on platform.

Intelligence that was relevant for New Orleans; Business Development Districts; Retail; Restaurants; Casinos; Convention Centers and more.

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