Tourism Insights for Destination Marketers

New year, new product launch. We are thrilled to kick off 2024 with the debut of Tourism Insights, the first solution in the market that brings together both short-term rental data and visitation intelligence.

Discover how destination marketers and tourism pros can now unlock traveler movement data, campaign attribution, and short-term rental trends — all under one roof. 

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The Missing Puzzle Piece: Visitation Data. Meets Short-Term Rentals.

Welcome to your homebase for keeping tabs on your destination's entire tourism landscape. Log in to access a new interactive vacation rental dashboard alongside Arrivalist's core products offerings.


Where are my visitors coming from?

Discover your destination's most valuable visitors. Destination pros can easily uncover where visitors are traveling from with Trip Insights. Find out which states, DMAs, and zip codes are sending the most high-spending guests, and use those insights to inform your next campaign.



What are my city's top attractions?

Make your city's points of interest a point of interest. What percentage of travelers go from your airport to the zoo and the football stadium? Use simple flow charts to track the flow of travel within your destination. Use the insights to promote cross-visitation, highlight underserved attractions, and more.



Where are visitors staying while in town?

Hotels vs. vacation rentals vs. staying with friends and family... see how they stack up. Want to know which accommodation type draws longer stays and higher revenue? We thought so. Now you can see a side-by-side comparison getting a view of your total overnight economy.




How are short-term rentals impacting my destination?

Short-term rental data just got a whole new look. With an all-new interactive dashboard geared specifically for tourism marketers & researchers, Arrivalist now offers cutting-edge short-term rental data powered by AirDNA. It's now easier than ever to be your destination's go-to resource for short-term rentals. Quickly pull out the latest insights on how vacation rentals are performing, how many there are, where they are, future outlook, and much more.






How are my campaigns influencing visitation?

Showcase the impact of your marketing efforts. We all know a marketer's most dreaded question: "What have you done for me lately?". With the all-new attribution insights, you can sync your campaigns and easily see which channels and vendors are driving the most visitation. See what life would look like without your efforts, and how it looks with them.




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