Daily Travel Index

The Arrivalist Daily Travel Index will be updated in January 2023 and this data may become unavailable during the upgrade process. A new DTI user interface will be published by the end of January after we've completed this work. Thank you for your patience as we make this resource even better. 


The Daily Travel Index uses a panel of GPS signals representing road trips taken specifically in cars (excludes travel by air). A trip is measured as one where the user has traveled a minimum of 50 miles and spent a minimum of 2 hours at the destination. Commuter travel or other frequently repeated trips (ie cargo deliveries or other reoccurring activities) are excluded from the Daily Travel Index. The Daily Travel Index includes all dates from January 1, 2019, to the current day.



What is an Index: An index is a measure of an average value by which relative change is measured over time.

Daily Travel Index: An index depicting the day’s trip volume to the average trip volume in 2019. A given day’s value of 0.34 means that the volume of trips on that date was 34% of the average trip volume in 2019.

Year-over-Year Change: Measures relative change in index value for the same time period prior to year. Expressed in percentage format, a value of -72.2% means that the index for 2022 was 72.2% lower than the index for the previous year for the same time period, adjusted by day of the week.

Daily Index YoY: Measures the year-over-year change in the index value for the most recent data available compared to the same day last year. In order to ensure accuracy, all year-over-year changes reflect the day of the week so that a Friday this year is compared to the same Friday in the previous year.

Weekly View: This allows you to aggregate the index into a weekly format, which follows a Sunday to Saturday format.

Monthly View: This allows you to aggregate the index into a monthly format.


New Changes to Daily Travel Index – January 12, 2022 Update

2022 Travel Index: Daily Travel Index (DTI) now allows users to compare the 2022 travel index to any of the travel indexes from the previous 3 years (vs. the previous 2-year window) via the Compare Period filter. The default selection is 2022 vs 2021. The indexes are adjusted by day of the week.

Destination View: Daily Travel Index (DTI) now allows users to select any destination state and identify the year-over-year change in travel to the destination. Simply select the destination in the filter and click Apply to see the results.

Overnight Index: Daily Travel Index (DTI) now allows users to isolate only the overnight visitors to a state and provides the year-over-year change in overnight travel to the destination. Simply select “Overnights” in the Trip Type filter and the system will recalibrate the index for overnight visitors only.

Last 28 Days Change: Daily Travel Index (DTI) now shows the Last 28 Days change instead of the Last 30 Days change. Simply mouse over the data to see the dates in comparison.

Exporting the Daily Travel Index: The Download, Share, and Full-Screen controls are located at the bottom right of the Daily Travel Index and can be used for creating external files for use in presentations or data sharing within your organization. 

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