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America Hits the Road: 2021

America Hits the Road: 2021

Initial holiday results are rolling into Arrivalist #DailyTravelIndex. With 95% of the Sunday numbers updated, we can now gauge the initial impact of the holiday on travel.

Here’s how the impact has been so far:

• 2021 road trip volume is up 18% compared to 2020 levels, whereas the airport check-ins are up 3x during the same period.

• 2021 road trip volume continues to meet and exceed 2019 levels.

• 2021 airport check-ins are still down 21% compared to 2019

With final results to be updated in the coming days, how close will we get with our predictions this time? You can check out predictions here
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State-level YoY comparing the first four days of the holidays.

2021 vs 2020 (COVID)


2021 vs 2019 (pre-COVID)


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