Measuring the Journey

Arrivalist is a journey intelligence company that empowers business with a powerful, new set of measurement tools to better understand how people travel. Our technology analyzes the movement of device to measure how consumers interact with locations.

Robust Location Data

We have created a geographically representative panel for measurement and insights. With the use of historical data, Arrivalist enables a business to understand consumer trends.

Holistic Measurement

By measuring the location of devices, Arrivalist is not limited to measuring only certain modes of transportation. By tracking the consumer journey. Arrivalist can help businesses understand how people travel
to their locations.

“Always On” Insights

Arrivalist enables businesses to understand where their customers come from, what they do during their trip, and where they stay. “Always On” insights enable long-term customer, competitor, and market intelligence via an intuitive self serve portal.

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Additional Solutions

Enabling marketers to better understand the in-market movement patterns of both their current and prospective consumers—and even those of competitors.