POI Cross Visitation from Arrivalist

Arrivalist has released new POI Cross Visitation reports as part of the Horizon platform. Points of Interest Cross Visitation is available within the Trip Insights, POI Share Insights, and POI Volume Insights modules and are available to add to client subscriptions as of January 7th, 2023.

These newly-released insights provide a lens to visitor movement about both a venue level or a category level to provide insight into where visitors spend their time within a destination.  

cross visitation 2Cross visitation 3

POI (point of interest) cross visitation analysis can be particularly beneficial for destination marketing organizations (DMOs) in several ways:

  1. Understanding visitor behavior: DMOs can use cross visitation analysis to gain a better understanding of how visitors interact with different points of interest within a destination. This information can be used to inform decisions about marketing campaigns, event planning, and product development.

  2. Identifying popular areas: DMOs can use cross visitation analysis to identify the most popular areas of a destination and to understand how visitors move between different points of interest. This information can be used to allocate resources and to develop targeted marketing campaigns.

  3. Improving visitor experiences: By using cross visitation analysis to gain a better understanding of visitor behavior, DMOs can improve the visitor experience by tailoring their products and services to meet the specific needs of their target market.

  4. Attracting more visitors: DMOs can use the insights from cross visitation analysis to develop more effective marketing campaigns to attract more visitors to their destination, by identifying areas of strengths and potentials to showcase.

  5. Benchmarking: DMOs can use cross visitation analysis to benchmark the performance of their destination against others in the industry and identify opportunities for improvement.

  6. Optimizing resources: By using data-driven insights from cross-visitation analysis, DMOs can optimize resources to better serve their visitors and promote the destination, it can also help them to make strategic decisions about where to focus their resources for maximum impact.