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America Hits the Road: 2021

Published on Jul 6, 2021 in Blog, Daily Travel Index, General, news

Initial holiday results are rolling into Arrivalist #DailyTravelIndex. With 95% of the Sunday numbers updated, we can now gauge the initial impact of the holiday on travel. Here’s how the impact has been so far: o 2021 road trip volume is up 18% compared to 2020 levels, whereas the airport check-ins are up 3x during… Read More

Spring has Sprung – Road Trips Rebounding in the North and Northeast

Published on Apr 2, 2021 in Blog, Daily Travel Index, General

Through the pandemic, road trips in the Southeast, Texas, and Southwest have returned to pre-COVID19 levels much faster than the rest of the nation. But the tides are turning on the week of March 29th. Daily Travel Index values in the Northeast and Northern states (deep green on the map below) are rising much faster… Read More

The State of Travel – 2021 – The New Travel Normal

Published on Mar 31, 2021 in Blog, Daily Travel Index, General

Many key travel and news institutions including the New York Times use our Daily Travel Index to get their finger on the pulse of U.S. travel trends. While we observe a bounce-back during early 2021 and into Spring Break, aided by waves of vaccinations and increasingly positive traveler sentiment, labor shortages and supply constraints present unprecedented challenges for the… Read More

Delivering Big Economic Impact With Marketing Science & Data For the State of Wisconsin

Published on Mar 23, 2021 in Blog, Daily Travel Index, General

Working with data provided by Arrivalist, Longwoods International and its other data partners, Travel Wisconsin and its marketing agency partner Hiebing have created a new model to best leverage existing resources and available data.