The Return of the Road Trip with Destinations International

Published on Jul 29, 2020 in Blog, Daily Travel Index

Arrivalists’s VP, Insights, Ktimene Axetell, Joined Destinations International to discuss the return of the road trip in the wake of COVID-19. COVID-19 most definitely changed the way in which we travel, but it certainly hasn’t stopped our desire to visit destinations near and far. All current signs point to more “travel by car” than ever before. During this session, we hear from several destinations who talk about new behaviors they’ve seen at their points of interest and the ways in which destination organizations should consider marketing to their visitors and with whom they should partner going forward.

Ktimene is joined by clients, Justin Bressler from Visit Denver, Gathan Borden from VisitLex, and Ashley Barfield from Explore Georgia.

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