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Super Bowl

Arrivalist Location Data Analysis Reveals Insights About Visitation To The Big Game.

(New York, NY) February 9, 2018 – Arrivalist, a leading location analytics company, today released the results of its analysis of the visitation impact of from February’s Super Bowl LII.

Who Was In The Stadium For Super Bowl LII?

  • 81.5% of US Bank Stadium visitors on game day traveled more than 50 miles
  • 13.9% of Super Bowl attendees originated from the Philadelphia metro area
  • 6.9% of Super Bowl attendees originated from the Boston metro area
  • 1 in 5 attendees originated from the top 5 states for Forbes 500 corporate HQ’s (NY, TX, CA, IL, OH).
  • 16.6% of attendees originated from the top 4 cities for Forbes 500 corporate HQ’s (NYC, LA, Chicago and Houston).
  • Small-But-Mighty: New England states (NH, RI, CT, ME, VT) represent 2.41% of the US population but made up approximately 4% of total attendance.
  • 14.14% of attendees came from Midwestern states excluding Minnesota (adding in Minnesota the Midwest sent 36.71%).
  • 31.7% of attendees came from the Northeast where the two competing teams reside.
  • In total, 68.41% of attendees came from either the Midwest or Northeast.
  • 10.4% came from the West, the region with the fewest attendees at the game.

Top Cities Represented At The Game

States Represented At The Game

International Visitors

International visitors accounted for nearly 4% of Super Bowl LII attendance. Each of 43 US States sent less than that 4%.

Did Super Bowl LII Visitors Go To The Mall?

US Bank Stadium wasn’t the only location to feel the impact of Super Bowl LII. Visitation to the Mall of America, a nearby retail attraction, saw out-of-state visitation increase 28.2% compared to two weeks prior to the big game.

Visitors from the Northeast and Southern US visitors flocked to the Mall of America during game week; visitors from the Western US, not so much.

Northeastern US visitors accounted for 24.48% of all visitation to Mall of America during Super Bowl Week.

Southern visitors accounted for 29.18% of all visitation to Mall of America during Super Bowl Week.

While Western visitors accounted for just 12.92% of visits to the Mall of America, the Midwest helped fill the stores with 33.42% of visitors during Super Bowl week.

Convention Center Visitation

The convention center, the host of many Super-Bowl-related activities, saw significant volume from

the big game. Non-locals accounted for 82.3% of visitors during Super Bowl weekend.

“It’s really gratifying to quantify the way retail outlets, stores, convention centers and attractions benefit from event marketing in near-real time,” said Arrivalist Founder & CEO Cree Lawson. “There’s never been a more exciting time to market events and places than today.”

How The Data Was Gathered And Analyzed

For the analysis, the company used its new Arrivalist 3.0 technology, a natively designed cross-device, location-attribution product available to marketers. The upgraded platform offers marketers comprehensive media exposure and visitation reporting accurate down to 30 feet. Arrivalist 3.0 uses a network of more than 120 million devices to deliver the most accurate insights of consumer advertising exposure available – all in a convenient interface. This empowers clients with a detailed understanding of visitor behavior and insights that produce more effective and targeted marketing campaigns.

Arrivalist 3.0 provides insights that help clients gain a competitive edge. As the largest independent location attribution company, Arrivalist offers the most objective reporting and is focused exclusively on client insights, not media buying or other pursuits that can introduce bias.

New Insights Include:

Comprehensive Cross-Device Arrivals – Associated media viewed on one device with movement of another device owned by the same user.

Visitation – Device movement to a new Arrivalist-measured location – as observed in a panel of 120 million devices – regardless of whether those devices were exposed to media or not.

Incremental Arrival Lift™  – Incremental value of media exposure on visitation. Duration of Stay – Length of time a device remains in an area (exposed or unexposed).

Points-of-Interest – Cross visitation, volume and duration-of-stay reporting for small destinations.

Multi-Touch Attribution – Comprehensive measurement of lift from all media exposures across devices for each visit.

With the addition of rich cross-device reporting that is accurate down to individual points of interest, clients are empowered to create highly targeted media plans with confidence.

About Arrivalist

Arrivalist is a Location Attribution Analytics platform that empowers marketers with new metrics to evaluate the link between marketing exposures and market visitation (Arrivals). The company’s patent-pending technology is used by DMOs across the country, including California, Virginia, Kansas, New Orleans, Palm Beaches, FL, and more. The company analyzes big data to evaluate which media exposures motivated consumers to travel to new destinations. This analysis yields powerful new insights as to how—in the aggregate—media displays influence travel behaviors.

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