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Prove your impact with the leading independent provider of insights and measurement solutions in the travel and tourism industries.

Media companies need to prove that they can drive results for their clients. Looking beyond footfall measurement with a trip based methodology, Arrivalist provides independent and unbiased measurement solutions for your travel and tourism clients.

Geo-Location Data


Measure Incremental Impact

120 Million device panel

Multiple GPS sources

Calibrated to geographically represent the U.S. population

Transportation agnostic

AD ID based solutions
Digital, TV, OOH, Radio

Integrated with LiveRamp

Managed Service or
Self-service options available

Measure Arrival Rate,
Arrival Lift, and Stay Lift

Origin Markets of Visitors

Locals vs. Non-Locals

Days & Distance to Arrival

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Join us in providing the travel industry with the insights and measurements that help them drive results. 

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