Case Studies

World Series

The Arrivalist 3.0 platform measures the location change of a holistic, representative panel of 120MM+ domestic mobile computing devices with a location accuracy of 30 feet or less. Arrivalist technology determines the home location of a panel device and measures the location change from the time the device leaves the home, until it returns. With this capability, the platform determined what percentage of visitors to each of the World Series games measured were from the local area versus those that came from out of town.

Super Bowl

Arrivalist, a leading location analytics company, today released the results of its analysis of the visitation impact of from February's Super Bowl LII.

North Dakota

North Dakota Tourism (NDT) is tasked with building a positive image for North Dakota that attracts visitation and grows the tourism industry. The organization's ultimate goal is to inspire travel to the state that improves the quality of life for the people of North Dakota.

Travel Kansas

Travel Kansas is charged with encouraging the traveling public to visit and travel within Kansas. It does so by promoting and developing the recreational, historic, and natural advantages of the state and its facilities.

Amelia Island

The Amelia Island Tourism Development Council built an innovative ROI model using a combination of Arrivalist’s patent pending location attribution and visitor spending data to better illustrate the effectiveness of its paid digital promotion efforts.

Pocono Mountains

Using Arrivalist’s patent-pending location analytics platform, PMVB gained new insight into the number of arrivals that followed specific media investments in Google, Bing and Facebook.

Montana Office of Tourism & Business Development

The Montana Office of Tourism & Business Development worked with Arrivalist to understand better the differences in both the value and efficiency of leisure travel from drive markets compared to fly markets.