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Visitor Intelligence

Your Ticket to Next Generation Insights

In an increasingly data-driven environment, local attractions are seeking new, reliable data sources for making informed decisions. Arrivalist is a visitation intelligence company that delivers a powerful, new set of measurement tools that provide a more timely view into visitor behavior.

Mobile Geo-location Data

  • Balanced to geographically represent the U.S. population
  • Two years of historical data
  • Observational data vs. survey-based data

Visitor Intelligence

  • Understand where your customers come from and how often they visit your attractions 
  • Measure what your guests do while at your location 
  • Data updated weekly for fast, actionable insights

Competitive Insights

  • Understand where else your customers spend time and determine market share
  • Gain insight into competitor’s customers for acquisition
  • Discover new opportunities for partnerships

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Enabling marketers to better understand the in-market movement patterns of both their current and prospective consumers—and even those of competitors.