Introducing Departurist

A Departure from the Status Quo

In an increasingly competitive environment, Airports are seeking new, more timely data sources in order to make smarter decisions. Arrivalist is a visitation intelligence company that empowers Airports with a powerful, new set of tools that help measure customer movement. With a holistic view into where, when, and how customers travel, Arrivalist can uncover new opportunities for Airports.

Mobile Geo-location Data

  • Balanced to geographically represent the U.S. population
  • Two years of historical data
  • Data updated weekly
  • Unbiased observational data versus survey-based data collection

Leakage Studies

  • Ability to measure total customer departures from a market or region
  • Measure leakage to competitors every quarter
  • Identify the most popular destinations to show demand

Passenger Insights

  • Understand where arriving passengers go when they leave the airport
  • Provide greater intelligence to Sales & Marketing teams
  • Optimize services such as transportation and parking

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Additional Solutions

Enabling marketers to better understand the in-market movement patterns of both their current and prospective consumers—and even those of competitors.